Adspy tool – Article 3


You've probably already seen the product in the image above, this product has proven to be a winner for many Dropshippers. These are elastic bands that allow you to play sports at home. We'll see how to use the tool to go further in the process after finding and selecting an interesting ad.

Save the ad in your favorites

By clicking on the folder, it is possible to keep the ad in its favorites, the folder will then appear purple. All saved ads are available in the folder part of the tool.

Facebook Redirect

This Facebook button, located under the ad, redirects us to the ad in question on Facebook. This redirect makes it easy and fine to study comments, the ad's Facebook page, etc.

Detail of the ad

The detail button allows you to go to the detail of the ad, i.e. see the description, real-time data, the evolution of interactions over time, and the audience (country, age, gender).

By clicking on "Landing domain" we get more information about the shop that sells our target product, for example its Alexa Rank, its commitment, its visitors, its active advertisements, etc. We will see this information in detail in the next article.

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