Shops Spy Tool – Article 2


To find a “winning product” with Dropispy’s Shops Spy tool section, you’ll need to find an interesting Dropshipping store.

In the “Shops” section, it is possible to choose the type of shop. After filtering only Dropshipping shops we can scroll through the pages and choose a popular shop. This is the case of ““.

Alexa Rank

For this shop, the Alexa Rank Global is around 300,000 and the Alexa Rank US is around 100,000. This means that is the 300 000ᵉ most popular site in the world and the 100 000ᵉ most popular site in the United States. This shop is very interesting. Due to its popularity, we can undoubtedly say that generates a substantial turnover. To get more details about this shop just click on its line (see the image above).

If we look more closely, we notice that since April their Alexa Rank has continued to improve. This shop is in net progression, we must be inspired by it. Indeed, generates a lot of traffic right now and certainly sells good products in large quantities.


We can notice a high bounce rate (bounce rate), their landing page may not always be suitable or slightly to rework. This does not prevent this shop from carrying out a very heavy traffic!

Reminder: Bounce rate is the rate of visitors who arrived on the site and left it without generating any interaction. High rates can be an indicator of quality on the site. Generally, the very good bounce rates in Dropshipping are in the order of 40%.


The majority of visitors to this site come from the United States (30%). That explains their good Alexa Rank US.

Facebook Ads

Here we can see all the ads that this store is currently doing on Facebook (22 ads) and potentially the much-loved ads promoting “winning” products.

This is the case with this “miracle product” to repair the scratches of your car. has created several advertisements that generate a lot of interactions on this product.

Then we can go further and go to the site to find their best products.

Sort by bestsellers

By clicking on one of the URLs above, we go directly to the site we are studying.

Then in the URL we can force the site to reveal its “winners” products to us. Just place this url after the domain name: /collections/all?sort_by-best-selling. See the red box below.

We find in the top 3 bestsellers the “miracle product” to remove, repair the scratches of our car. We can also find other winning products sold by the shop, such as these laptop chargers or this GPS door in the car.

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