Spy Tool Products – Article 1


Once you arrive on the tool and go to the Products Spy tool, a filter bar appears. This allows us to set the desired search parameters. And so, to find interesting products.

Creative Part

The Creative section allows you to search for products by keywords. It is possible to search for products related to a specific niche. For example those of dogs: “dog”

Facebook party

The Facebook section filters data on the Facebook ad associated with the products. It is made up of two elements:

  • Post Creation date: Sets the date between the ad associated with the product.
  • Likes/Comments: Sets a number of likes/comments collected by the product ad.

For example: If we are looking for a Dropshipping product for which its ad was created last month and which has between 10,000 and 100,000 likes we can do as follows:

Vendor Party

The Vendor section allows you to search for products sold by particular shops: It is possible to search by domain name (example: hygoshop.com) or by seller’s name.

Pricing Part

The Pricing section allows you to filter products based on the selling price displayed by a shop. It is possible to filter by barred price, i.e. the price before reduction.

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